About Passatempo

The renaissance group Passatempo was formed in the year 2006 in connection with the national Renaissance year,
and has since then resulted in succesful concerts.

The members of Passatempo are all educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, and their names are:

Anne Merete Møller (recorders, crumhorns)
René Broby Jensen (recorders, crumhorns)
Mogens Rasmussen (viola da gamba)
Morten Nyord (harpsichord)
Andreas Broby Jensen (percussion)

The musicians have specialized in music from the Renaissance and the Baroque, and have many years´ experience both within chamber music and as soloists.

Said about Passatempo:

"An ensemble of high international quality"

"A fantastic concert"

"One of the best performances we have had in the church for the last 30



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